Groundbreaking New Treatment Reverses Memory Loss Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease


Macquarie University researchers have managed to supply a brand new therapy that efficiently reversed the consequences of reminiscence loss related with Alzheimer’s illness in mice with superior dementia. The new discover might have life-altering penalties for these affected by the sickness.


The discovery was made by brothers Lars and Arne Ittner who had been finding out dementia for a decade now. “Two months after we treated the mice at very old ages, these mice suddenly behaved like their normal siblings. We were really stoked,” said Professor Lars Ittner.

Alzheimer’s illness is a debilitating situation that has been seeing a rise in the previous few years, added Lars. The illness will finally kill its victims and that’s the reason the brothers felt it was so essential to do one thing about it.

Their new therapy is a much-needed step ahead. This is as a result of it doesn’t solely thwart reminiscence loss, it additionally reverses it. If that is additionally profitable in human trials, individuals affected by dementia might hopefully get their recollections again.

“There is no comparable therapy out there and no other gene therapy either,” added Lars. How does this new therapy work?

It reconstitutes the misplaced enzymatic reminiscence exercise by concentrating on the enzyme p38gamma. This course of can modify a protein that forestalls the event of Alzheimer’s illness signs.

The analysis, nevertheless, went a step additional, discovering that the pure protecting results of p38gamma may very well be used to truly enhance reminiscence in Alzheimer’s illness even at levels with extreme cognitive decline.

“The naturally protecting enzymatic exercise within the mind is sadly misplaced additional one progresses down the Alzheimer’s illness observe – so the extra reminiscence you lose, the extra you additionally lose this pure protecting impact,” Professor Ittner explained.

The researcher added that the new discovery brings some much-needed knowledge about the human brain. He described the brain as a “black field” and said his work reveals an “unprecedented” understanding of how this crucial human organ functions.

It goes without saying that by better understanding the brain, researchers are empowered to create treatments that can target its many conditions. Ittner’s approach is the first gene therapy-based approach in the world for advanced Alzheimer’s illness.

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