Duo Injects Gallium Into a Stretch Armstrong Doll to See What Will Happen


You’ve by no means seen a Stretch Armstrong like this.

Well, that is a particularly random but endlessly entertaining video from the, nicely, The King of Random YouTube channel. If you want to watch your childhood toys experimented on, this one is ideal for you.

You might need by no means performed with one, however may be acquainted with Armstrong’s stretchy antics thanks to the web since it’s a fairly fashionable toy that was first launched in 1976.

Unlike a regular Armstrong, Stretch Armstrong is manufactured from latex rubber stuffed with gelled corn syrup, which suggests it could actually retain form for a brief time earlier than shrinking to its unique form after being stretched a lot.

In the video, they experiment with gallium, which is a non-toxic steel that melts at roughly 85 levels Fahrenheit, by melting it down and injecting it into a Stretch Armstrong doll by utilizing a massive hypodermic needle.

The query they’re attempting to reply is that this: Will the galium take the form of the doll? Or will it get confined by the gel contained in the doll? Well, let’s discover out.

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