7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives


Whether you’re an avid meat eater, vehemently despise consuming meat, or are someplace in between, we are able to all agree that meat is a hotly debated subject, sparking passionate debates among the many three teams.

Putting apart the discussions concerning the well being results of meat, all three teams may agree that meat manufacturing does have some impression on the planet. To feed the developed and creating world’s rising demand for meat, we use 30% of the world’s ice-free land to increase livestock.

Even extra so, the upkeep and feeding of those livestock require us to minimize down forests. Interestingly, pork has 20% extra greenhouse manufacturing that that of hen or beef. Cows are infamous for placing out an infinite quantity of methane, inflicting roughly 10% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions

As talked about above, the demand is simply rising. Developing nations which are changing into wealthier are additionally seeing an increase in demand for meat. Nevertheless, there are know-how startups world wide, hoping to fight this pattern with their meatless alternate options. You might need even seen a few of these meatless alternate options at your native grocery retailer. The world of plant-based meats is quickly evolving, with main meals tendencies adopting and even advertising new plant-enriched meats. In 2019, Beyond Meat’s IPO soared 800%, highlighting that there’s cash in faux meat. 


Clean Meat startups are popping up all world wide. However, our future meat choices will not be restricted to simply plant-based alternate options. In 2013, Dr. Mark Post of Maastricht University made headlines throughout the globe when he created a lab-grown beef burger that bled and even smelled just like the burgers that you can be placing in your grill this summer season.

The know-how on the earth of lab-grown meats has dramatically come down in prices. Today we aren’t solely going to focus on firms utilizing biology to create plant-based meat alternate options however firms which are rising cow elements of their labs (not actually). Let’s get began. 

1. IntegriCulture: Care for some foie gras? 

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives
Source: IntegriCulture

Foie gras is a delicacy for folks world wide, nonetheless, the practices used to create foie gras is extremely debatable. IntegriCulture founder, Dr. Yuki Hanyu, desires to assist restrict these practices together with his lab-grown creation. Founded in Tokyo, Japan, the know-how startup goals at utilizing hen liver cells to create the scrumptious French dish.

The firm is collaborating with the Tokyo Women’s Medical University to assist full the challenge, with the goals of a greater understanding of how to create textures and fats in cultured meat. However, the goal of the corporate just isn’t merely to give you a guilt-free dish at house. 

IntegriCulture hopes to create meat for astronauts touring on lengthy journeys or staying in house. You would possibly even have the option to develop your cell-based meat in your house, thanks to the businesses open-source, Shojinmeat Project. How a lot would lab-grown foie gras value you now? Production of the meat various prices wherever from £150 and £1500 to produce, with the eventual goal of bringing prices down to as little as £1.50

2. Impossible Foods: Making meat from crops 

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives
Source: Impossible Foods

The concept of utilizing crops to simulate meat textures and tastes is nothing new. However, anybody who has had this “meat before” can let you know that plant-based meat merchandise not often style excellent. Impossible Foods desires to change that stigma, not simply with higher meals, however by utterly overhauling the method of making plant-based meat. Impossible meals’s secret to success? Heme. 

“Heme is what makes meat taste like meat. It’s an essential molecule found in every living plant and animal — most abundantly in animals — and something we’ve been eating and craving since the dawn of humanity,” says Impossible Foods. The firm has created a plant-based heme through fermentation of genetically engineered yeast. The result’s plant-based meat that tastes similar to one thing you may get at a butcher, and that’s protected to eat. 

3. Memphis Meats: A pacesetter cell-based meats

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives
Source: Memphis Meats

Memphis Meats has made waves over the previous few years for its spectacular choice of clean-meat primarily based alternate options. Founded in 2015 by Uma Valeti and Nicholas Genovese, the dynamic duo has the bold objective of feeding greater than 10 billion folks by 2050, providing folks all kinds of cell-based meat alternate options in poultry and seafood. Memphis Meats has already produced the world’s first cell-based beef meatball and has even created hen and duck.

Similar to different meat firms on this checklist, they feed their lab cells with a variety of vitamins that embrace amino acids, sugars, hint minerals, and nutritional vitamins, with the goal of making a course of similar to what you discover in nature. Production prices of their meat has but to attain their bold targets, however prices have dropped considerably over the past yr. Some of the samples that they’ve produced to today look completely scrumptious. 

4. Finless Foods: Lab-grown sushi may turn into a factor

If you’re a large seafood lover, then this one’s for you. The San Francisco startup has used stem cell know-how to produce fish meat. To accomplish this spectacular feat, the workforce creates a serum derived from actual fish. After, the serum has been created; the corporate multiplies the cells of the fish in a really managed surroundings. Researchers at Finless Foods then work to construction the fish into an ideal fillet, one thing you would possibly discover at a restaurant. Their first clean-meat various led to the creation of the extremely coveted bluefin tuna, a species of fish that’s overfished. 

“Finless Foods is a company with a mission: Bringing sustainable, delicious seafood to the world, without having to farm or harvest live fish from our precious oceans”, says the corporate. That means no business fishing from our valuable oceans. No fish farming. No contaminants. Just wholesome, high-quality fish at costs we are able to all afford. The world of lab-grown sushi just isn’t too far-off. 

5. Aleph Farms: Who does not love a superb steak? 

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives
Source: Aleph Farms

Based in Israel, the Didier Toubia, Aleph Farms desires to convey the deliciousness of lab-grown steaks to your desk, a problem that’s not simple to full. Most firms on this checklist are nonetheless making an attempt to get the feel proper for beef patties, hen, and sausage. This is an entire new frontier. If you have got ever had a superb steak, you recognize the significance of texture and style, as this could make or break your steak expertise.

The Israel startup not solely believes that they will create their very own steak, however that they will minimize the time it takes to create a steak down to simply three weeks, in contrast to the 2 years wanted for elevating cattle. Expect to see Aleph Farms steaks round on extra tables world wide within the close to future.

6. Higher Steaks: Scalable and reasonably priced cultured pork 

The United Kingdom startup Higher Steaks desires to create cultured pork that’s scalable and reasonably priced. Similar to Finless Food, Higher Steaks is using stem cell know-how to create scrumptious clean-mean alternate options. To achieve this, the corporate makes use of state-of-the-art cell tradition methods. Researchers take small samples of cells from an animal, which can then be expanded upon by feeding these cells a wealthy and animal-free progress media.

“When these cells have grown we can then use different methods in order to form the desired meat product. This is a much more sustainable solution, and the best part is that it will be of even better quality”, says the corporate. Like our different contenders on this checklist, clear meat alternate options are eco-friendly, decreasing CO2 emissions, in addition to land and water utilization. Even extra so, clear meats could possibly be more healthy for you. 

7. Shiok Meats for seafood lovers on the market

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives
Source: Shiok Meats

Founded in Singapore, the South East Asia Company desires you to convey dishes like shrimp, crab, lobster. Though the manufacturing of those clean-meats continues to be very excessive, the corporate is making a whole lot of progress. Currently, 5 seafood dumplings are going to value about $9,000 to produce. Excitement for the corporate continues to be very excessive with Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth and Partner at Babel Ventures, stating, “Shiok Meats is powering the future of food and clean protein in Asia. As an early investor in Memphis Meats, Finless Foods (the two clean meat leaders in the US) and now Shiok Meats, Asia’s leading clean meat company. I’m certain Shiok will transform the food industry in Asia and globally.”

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Would you turn to lab-grown meat if you’re at the moment a vegan or vegetarian? Leave your feedback under. 

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