Cricket “Will Become Even More Batsmen Friendly” With Saliva Ban, Says Irfan Pathan


“You will to have make sure that pithes are more suitable to the bowlers than batsmen to negate the advantage (of not being able use saliva). If you are not able to shine the ball properly, you will not be able to cut the air because of scientific reasons.

“And if you’re not in a position to swing it, the batsman could have it simple as a result of no one fears simply tempo, it’s the mixture of tempo and swing that troubles them,” Pathan, one of the best exponents of swing bowling in Indian cricket, told PTI on Sunday.

“It (ban) will have an effect on bowlers lots in Test matches. It will not be a problem in white-ball cricket because the bowlers anyway do not shine the ball after the primary few overs, they need to make it tender (to make strokeplay harder for the batsman).

“But in red-ball cricket, whether you are a fast bowler or spinner, you need to shine the ball. Spinner relies on shine to drift the ball. That will be a big advantage for batsman. The game will become even more batsmen friendly,” stated the primary Indian pacer to take a Test hat-trick.

More than grass on the pitch, Pathan would favor moisture beneath it.

“If you look at England and Australia, there is not much grass but there is moisture and it helps bowlers.

“You must be sure that one thing occurs for the bowler. If not by means of the ball, then by means of the circumstances. If the circumstances are useful for bowlers they do not search for reverse swing, they go for typical swing,” said the 35-year-old.

Pathan said reverse swing only works with extreme pace, which according to him is rare in modern-day cricket.

“For reverse swing, if you cannot cover the ball, then the batsman is aware of which approach the ball would come except you might be bowling 150 kmph plus and there are only a few bowlers at the moment who generate that type of tempo.

“You can still apply some sweat and swing the ball normally but the ban would more or less take reverse swing out of the the game,” Pathan added.

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